4 security issues that will concern us in 2021

It has been almost a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started which upset the way we live, work and communicate and therefore in 2021 we are likely to see an increase in some cyber security threats.

Σύμφωνα με την τελευταία έκθεση της ESET για τις Τάσεις στην κυβερνοασφάλεια το 2021 , αυτές είναι οι τέσσερις βασικές προκλήσεις που αναμένεται να επηρεάσουν τους καταναλωτές και τις the 2021.

Trend # 1: The future of work - acceptance of the new reality

The advent of the pandemic COVID-19 led to the mass adoption of the remote work model, creating greater dependence on technology.

The removal from office brought benefits to employees, but left corporate networks vulnerable to attack.

Jake Moore, ESET Security Specialist, commented:

"We have all learned that remote work can benefit companies. However, I do not think we will continue to work remotely five days a week. Most employees around the world will naturally and effortlessly go into what works for them and their businesses. As work and everyday life become more and more digital, cybersecurity will remain the core of business security. "Cyber-attacks are a constant threat to organizations, and businesses need to set up special teams and IT systems to avoid the financial and reputational consequences of such an attack."

Trend # 2: The security gaps in smart sex toys

In the last year, due to the pandemic and the social distance measures related to COVID-19, there has been a rapid growth in sales of sex toys. But ESET research has shown that we are far from being able to use new smart sex toys without exposing ourselves to the risk of a cyber attack.

Cecilia Pastorino, ESET Security Researcher, commented:

"The age of smart sex toys is just beginning. The latest developments in the industry include models with virtual reality (VR) capabilities and sex robots with AI technology that include cameras, microphones and voice analysis capabilities based on artificial intelligence. As has been proven time and time again, secure information and public awareness will be the key to ensuring the protection of sensitive data, while empowering users to become smart consumers who are able to demand best practices from suppliers in order to maintain control of their personal moments in the years to come. "

Trend # 3: Ransomware (ransom = ransom) with a small difference - pay or your data will be leaked

With press attacks ransomware the criminals seek to blackmail the victims into forcing them to pay a ransom. Theft of victim data and subsequent blackmail may not be new techniques, but they are certainly on the rise.

Tony Anscombe, ESET Chief Security Evangelist, commented:

“Οι εταιρείες γίνονται εξυπνότερες, αναπτύσσουν που αποτρέπουν τις επιθέσεις και εφαρμόζουν διαδικασίες δημιουργίας αντιγράφων ασφαλείας και αποκατάστασης, οπότε οι κυβερνοεγκληματίες χρειάζονται πλέον και ένα ‘Σχέδιο Β' για να αυξήσουν τις πιθανότητες επιτυχίας τους. Έτσι, πλέον η αντιμετώπιση των επιθέσεων ή οι διαδικασίες δημιουργίας αντιγράφων ασφαλείας ενδέχεται να μην είναι αρκετές για να αποτρέψουν έναν αποφασισμένο κυβερνοεγκληματία που απαιτεί την πληρωμή λύτρων. Αλλάζοντας την τεχνική επίθεσης οι κυβερνοεγκληματίες αυξάνουν και τις πιθανότητες επιτυχίας τους. Δυστυχώς, είμαι βέβαιος ότι θα δούμε μια αύξηση αυτής της τάσης το 2021.”

Trend # 4: Deterrence is no longer enough - The quicksand of new cyber threats

In recent years, cybercrime groups have turned to increasingly sophisticated techniques. "Some time ago, the security community started talking about attacks."fileless malware“. These are attacks that activate the tools and processes of the operating system and exploit them for malicious purposes.

Recently, these techniques have been used in various cyber espionage campaigns and by various malicious criminals, mainly in high-level target attacks, such as government agencies.

Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya, Senior Security Researcher at ESET, noted:

“Fileless threats are evolving rapidly and it is expected that in 2021 these methods will be used in increasingly sophisticated and larger-scale attacks. This means that organizational and enterprise security teams will need to develop processes to leverage tools and technologies that not only prevent malicious code from compromising computer systems, but that also have detection and response capabilities – even before these attacks are delivered. her their."

For more information on the trends that will affect the world in 2021, you can read the full report on ESET's Cybersecurity Trends 2021 (PDF).

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