Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Wi-Fi at 40 GB / s

WirelessLarge Wi-Fi networks give 300 Mbps or sometimes 450 Mbps when the 5 GHz band is used instead of 2,4 GHz.

The above speeds are very good for consumers, but it's not what an internet distribution company like datacenters, for example, needs. And of course the signal range is also quite small, since it does not exceed 7-10 measures.

That's why researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have created a wireless network at our crazy speed of 40 GB / s.

It was a test, but it certainly shows how high wireless communications can reach. The transfer speed of 40 GB / s (not Gbps) was around 800 meters.

The frequency of 240 GHz played a decisive role. With "powerful hardware," it was possible to send and receive data at 320 Gbps, 2.300 times faster than the theoretical maximum of 802.11n (140Mbit / s), and 380 faster than the current top-tier 802.11ac standard (866Mbit / s), reports Softpedia.

Our future is coming with such incredible speed that it will be difficult for us to watch it…

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