YouTube Kids is here for iOS and Android

The news that we published on 20.02.2015 for the new YouTube service It is a fact. Google just released the new one YouTube kids.YouTube Kids

The company said on her official blog, that for a whole year she works with parents to create a family-friendly app. The new app is designed to be very simple for kids.

The video options on the platform are very limited and only what Google deems to be "family-friendly" is allowed.

Of course, you can simply search for the content you are looking for as well as support voice search in case your child can not yet write.

YouTube Kids has parental controls, including:

Stopwatch that allows you to set the time your children will use.
Audio settings to turn off background music and sound effects to sleep quietly
Ability to disable search to restrict videos to those on the home screen
A feedback section that allows parents to write down how they see their application and content

The rumor-based application would come only for Android devices, but today Google has made it available for both platforms. iOS and Aandroid.

You can try implementing the new service from Google Play or the App Store depending on your device. The company also announced that it will soon be available for the Kurio and nabi kids tablets platforms.

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