New version of GCompris Free Teaching Instrument for Young Children

The GCompris is a free educational software suite that provides a lot of fun activities for children aged 2 to 10 years. Recently the software that makes happy young children upgraded to 15.02 and is available for download.GCompris

The program supports the Greek language. Some of the activities, although having a game character, retain their educational orientation.

Below you can see a categorization of some of his activities GCompris:

  • Discovery of my computer: keyboard, mouse, and more
  • Arithmetic: memory board, numbering, dual entry table, images of geometric shapes,…
  • Science: canal operation, water cycle, submarine, electrical circuits,…
  • Geography: places the countries on the map
  • Games: chess, memory games and techniques, connect, oware, sudoku,…
  • Reading: practicing reading skills
  • But: time learning, puzzle with famous paintings, vector design, and more.

GCompris currently offers more than 100 activities, while several are in the process of being developed.

GCompris is a completely free open source software, which means you can (if you are a developer) customize it to your own needs, improve it and, most importantly, share it with all the children of the world.

Free GCоmpris software runs on the Windows, Linux, Android, and MacOSX platforms. Depending on your device and operating system you can download the corresponding version from the following inks.

Make sure to install the English language for the UI of the software.

Try the app with your kids and experience the exciting experience of learning with them:

Windows version, Linux version, MacOSX version, Android version

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