Tails 1.3 browse the internet anonymously

The Tails, is a live system that aims to safeguard your privacy by helping you browse the Internet anonymously. Today, the live, live alternative was upgraded to 1.3.tails

Its developers project report:
"Version 1.3 is an important milestone in the maturity of a free software project. The first public release of Tails took place on June 23, 2009, and was called Amnesia. That was almost five years ago. "

New features

The Electrum is an easy-to-use bitcoin wallet. You can use the function Bitcoin Client persistence to save the Electrum settings in your wallet.

New Tor Browser with additional operating system and data security. This security limits writing and reading to a limited number of folders. Learn how to handle your files with the new Tor Browser.

The new obfs4 pluggable transport is now available to connect with Tor bridges.

The new Keyringer allows you to manage and share secrets using OpenPGP and Git from the command line.

See all Change log from here

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