Gemalto: Our networks were violated but the keys did not leak

Dutch SIM card maker Gemalto said yesterday that its networks were "possibly" compromised, but the encryption keys had not been stolen.

The company's statement was made when the snapshots of the internal investigation of Snowden's reports were wanted that the company's systems had been infringed by the NSA and GCHQ.sim card Gemalto

Η Gemalto, said the SIM cards it places on the market are safe. In the report published today, adds that it has put in place a new secure transport system for SIM keys with 2010 mobile operators and that the infringement would most likely not affect its activities.

The company also says that even if secret services had managed to steal these keys, they would not be able to spy on 2G, 3G, and 4G mobiles as these links are not prone to such attacks. The security gaps in 2G's original specifications have been removed with algorithms that are still used by mobile carriers.

The findings reveal that Gemalto identified two invasions, 2010 and 2011, which are believed to be of the US and United States secret services.

What, in the end, no one knows, only the secret services and the company involved. An assumption of the breach by the Dutch company would have direct financial costs as we saw in our previous publication.

On the other hand, Snowden has no reason to lie, just as much as to substantiate what he claims with official documents from the secret services.

The conclusion is yours to make.

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