45 days & WordCamp Athens 2016 welcomes the Greek public

Only 45 days remain for the largest technology conference in Greece. Developments and news for WordCamp Athens 2016 run a few weeks before the conference opens its doors to the Greek public.

His Third Speaker Group #WCAth2016WordCamp Athens 2016

A few days after the deadline for submitting applications, the speaker selection process by the WordCamp Athens 2016 organizing team is still in progress. The work is far from easy, as we received a large number of applications for many interesting topics.

Today we are presenting our third group of speakers composed of them Giorgos Matthiopoulos, Dimitris Mitsis, Ilias Tsaldari and Panagiotis Vagenas.

Giorgos Matthiopoulos

Giorgos Matthiopoulos WordCamp Athens 2016George D. Matthiopoulos is a professor of applications in the Graphic Design Department of the School of Graphic Arts and Artistic Studies of the TEI of Athens. He is involved in the research and design of fonts, as well as the history of typography and graphic art. He is a founding member and designer of the Hellenic Printing Company and has written and translated many books and educational manuals. She has participated in many international conferences and workshops and has published articles in magazines in the field of Graphic Design. At the same time, he has done the artistic editing of many publications, catalogs of exhibitions, museum collections and conferences.

In his speech he will describe the historical and aesthetic field of Greek and Latin alphabet formation, the technological production and application of the letters, the parameters that guide the successful communication of the message and the production of a perfect and readable result through the proper selection and application of the fonts.

Dimitris Mitsis

Dimitris Mitsis WordCamp Athens 2016Dimitris works in the WPML programming team. Its main focus is tests, quality assurance (QA) and WPML performance.

It will talk about the need for an automated test environment, especially in a system like WordPress where updates are continuous. Through an introduction to the CodeCeption tool, he will show us how to create his first test and how long it will benefit from using it.

Ilias Tsaldaris

Ilias Tsaldaris WordCamp Athens 2016Elias is a graduate of the Department of Applied Mathematics with specialization in financial and business mathematics. Google Partner is in the Google AdWords, YouTube Ads, and Google Analytics fields. He is the founder and iCEO of Innovation Group, which is active in B2B services on advertising, digital marketing and web design.

He will talk about SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices for analysis methods and tools, and give advice on how to improve his presence online.

Panagiotis Vagenas

Panagiotis Vagenas WordCamp Athens 2016Panagiotis Vagenas is a graduate of the Faculty of Informatics of the Hellenic Open University and a graduate student of the Information Systems Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business, aiming at information security and systems. From 2012 he acts as a Web Developer, and in the past year he has been working your Security Analyst on the Wordfence team. A WordPress community fancier has contributed to the development of dozens of add-ons and to finding and solving hundreds of security issues in add-ons, themes, or in the WordPress core.

The subject of his speech is the most common mistakes made by the authors of add-ons and topics, which can create gaps in the security of the websites that use them. It will describe who they are, why they are due and how they can be avoided.

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