Interactive Infographic: 5 Larger Viruses in Computer History

The first computer virus, Morris Worm, managed to infect about 6.000 computers before 25 years, causing unprecedented havoc.

But that was only the beginning. Since then, millions of computers around the world have been infected with other viruses or worms - malicious computer programs that are now spreading out of control.

The interactive infographic, created by the security company Norton, shows us the details of the five biggest viruses of all time.
The following interactive graphic depicts the story MydoomOf Sobig.FOf ILOVEYOUOf Red Code, And his Slammer, shows us how much damage they caused, how many computers hit, and how quickly they spread.

Play with him and you'll be amazed at the information he can give you. Infographic was posted by Mashable

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