5 free Android blood sugar monitoring apps

Check out five free blood glucose monitoring apps for Android phones, where you can record your blood glucose and analyze statistics created over time.


Those who suffer from diabetes know how important it is to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels to see if their medication or abstinence from sugar products proves effective. Unfortunately, these applications do not solve your medical problem, but they can help you keep a very good history of your measurements.

All the applications that we will mention here, allow you to record your blood glucose and some other things. For example, you can search for and add meals that you ate that day. Based on what you ate, the app will build your sugar and calorie chart and show you how to control your diabetes. These apps are like diary apps, but instead of writing down memories, you write down your blood glucose statistics.

In some of these applications, you can even record your body temperature and blood pressure. The data you enter will be saved in the application. And in some applications, you can back up this data to Google Drive.

1. Diabetes Tracker application
diabetes tracker

The Diabetes Tracker is one of the best free Android apps you can use to monitor your blood glucose. This is an open source application and is completely ad-free. It comes with a feature to record your activities such as meals, blood pressure, temperature, insulin intake, pulse, medication and customized notes.

The best part of this application is the food logger. Just enter the meal you had and it will search the internet and record the corresponding proteins, carbohydrates, calories and fat. As you continue to record, your blood sugar and insulin intake will continue to generate statistics for you. If your monthly blood sugar level goes up, then it will show you.

Download the app from the Google Play Store from the link above, and then just install it. No registration required to use it. Just keep recording your activities on it. And when there is enough data in the application, just go to the "Statistics" section and then it will show you how good or bad your diabetes control was.

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2. Blood Glucose Tracker
blood glucose tracker

The Blood Glucose Tracker is a simple and lightweight application. Just think of it as a lightweight version of the app above, as you will have to do some things by hand.

You can continue to increase your blood glucose level. You can also register your meals. But unlike the above application, here you have to manually enter calories and fat intake. In addition, you can record your blood pressure, weight, and custom notes. Based on the recorded data, the application generates statistics for you, which you can use to analyze your situation.

Get this app from the Google Play Store, and then start using it right away. There is no registration. You can record anything you want and then wait for it to have enough data to start showing you the statistics.

3. mySugr

The mySugr is an advanced blood glucose monitoring tool. The best part of this application is that it integrates with the diabetes monitor you are using. Whether you are using the AccuCheck Guide or the AccuCheck Instant, you will be able to pair it with the application via Bluetooth. This way, it will automate the monitoring of your blood sugar.

In addition to monitoring and recording blood sugar, you can record your diet, just like the above 2 applications.

Obtain the application using the link above, and then install it. You will need to sign up for a free account here to start using it. In the beginning, it asks for a lot of details from you to create a correct statistic.

You can also attach AccuCheck to it and then automate your blood sugar recording. The application will keep your data safe and if you stay within limits, it will even give you points to encourage you.

4. Diabetes Pal
diabetes pal

The Diabetes Pal is another free blood glucose monitoring application. This application is simple and only supports the recording of blood sugar levels. Based on the data you record here, it creates a real comprehensive chart that you can use to analyze both high and low sugar levels.

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In addition to blood glucose, you can use this app to record weight, blood pressure, medications, food, activity and A1C.

Get this app from Google Play using the link at the beginning, and you will have to go through a simple registration process. After that, you can just start using the application.

Use the "ADD LOG" option on the main screen to create a new entry. Next, determine your blood sugar and save the information. Additionally, you can specify when to test. After or before a meal, along with a custom note.

  1. Blood Sugar Diary for Diabetes
    blood sugar diary for diabetes

The Blood Sugar Diary for Diabetes is the latest free Android app on the list, for blood glucose monitoring. It is a simple application that records blood glucose only in mg / dl units. Like other applications above, it has no additional features. Just open the app, add a new entry, and then select your blood glucose level. Additionally, this application allows you to export your data in Excel format as well as in CSV format for a week / month / custom date range.

Get the app from the link above and then just install it on your phone. Create a free account and then start recording your blood glucose levels. Click the "+" icon in the main user interface, then select your blood sugar level. In addition, you can record your mood whenever you eat a meal, and a custom note. In the main user interface, it will generate statistics that you can use to track your status.

In case you want to export the data, go to the application settings from the hamburger icon (3 lines). Go to the Export section and from there, you need to specify an export date and format for the final report. You can do it as many times as you want.

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