5 applications for recognizing a song

If you have a song in mind and you want to know what it is, then see these 5 applications that will inform you of its name, as long as you can sing it softly.

When you come across a song you do not know, you usually use Shazam or SoundHound to find its name. But if this is stuck in your mind and you do not have it in electronic form, then all these music recognition applications can not help you. Then you need something different.

Do not be afraid because in this case you have many options. There are sites that allow you to sing the melody or press the beat on the keyboard and the site will try to guess which one is based on that. Or you can go to some forums to ask others. Here are your best choices.

Wat Zat Song (Web): Sing a sample for others to recognize

The easiest way to express the melody that has stuck in your head is to sing it. Wat Zat Song is a web application that allows you to post a short audio recording, which others can then comment on.

You need to register to get started. Click the "Post a Sample" button and wait for it to ask you to record your voice. Do not be afraid to sing and render in the best way the melody you want to learn. Turn it into a post and wait for the community to respond.

While you wait, you can help others who are also stuck. Click "Listen" on any post to hear the sound, and then reply, if you know it. You can also "follow" any post to receive notifications when there are updates on it.

Name That Song (Reddit): Reddit song recognition community

Of course, there is a whole subreddit dedicated to song titles that you can not recognize. Actually, there are two, but we will get to the other later. For now, head to r / NameThatSong to learn about the melody.

And while Name That Song is about music, you can also try your luck at r / TipOfMyTongue. This is not limited to music, as it also helps to find books without knowing the author or movies without knowing the actors or almost anything else. It's a much bigger community, so you can have better luck there.

Identification of Music Group (Facebook): The most serious

The Identification of Music Group (IoMG) is about five years old and is one of the best Facebook groups you can follow. It has over 111.000 members and receives approximately 50.000 posts each month. The whole group has a purpose: to help you find out what this melody is.

As with the Reddit team, you can ask the question in a number of ways. You could write it as a question and give a description, or use a recording of yourself singing it, mumbling it or creating the melody in any way.

The team has some rules that you should familiarize yourself with first. They want you to take a few basic steps before posting, such as trying to find the tune on Shazam, searching for old posts, and generally being decent and helpful. Do these and the whole team will gather around you to help you find what you want.

Find Music By Lyrics (Web): When you know only a few words

If you know a few words from the song you have in mind, but not all the lyrics, then you can do a Google search using operators and filters. If the words you remember are very common then Find Music By Lyrics (FMBL) makes the process easier.

You can enter an artist name, a song, or a few lyrics to get a result in seconds. The FMBL has a a series of Google operators, making it easier to use without having to remember Google rules.

For example, try searching for "look who's crawling lyrics" on Google. You will receive a bunch of links to Linkin Park song Crawling. But do the same search on FMBL and you will get results for this phrase from different songs like Mike Jones 'Still Tippin', Who 's Boris The Spider and Melee' s Wedding Dress.

Musipedia (Web): Press a rhythm or play a virtual piano

If you want to know the answer right away, then you can not go to the forums. Musipedia uses AI and some innovative methods to search for your song. Here are the different ways:

  1. You can tap the rhythm of the song on your computer keyboard and hope it recognizes it based on it.
  2. You can sing into your microphone.
  3. You can use a virtual piano to play some notes on it. You can also use your mouse to "compose" a melody on the piano.
  4. "Music contour search" is the most complicated and you should only use it if you have exhausted all other options.

Musipedia is not new and remains the best application for this kind of magic on the internet.

The best music recognition app?
These apps will only be useful when you can not play this song again and it is only stuck in your mind. But if you have some audio from the song in electronic form, then it is better to use something like Shazam.

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