6 things that can expose you on the Internet

Today we cannot live without the internet, one of them more important resources for the new generation. Remember to you are looking for information in an encyclopedia or go to a travel agency to buy a plane ticket or close a hotel;

It looks like like to have a pass centuries, but in reality, the network of networks has changed the way in which many from us work, opening the door in new possibilities, such as for example, yes you can to work from anywhere or to you are doing banking transportation with a click from This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. mobile your phone.

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Unfortunately, this continuous development is manifested and to the multiple threats posed by criminals of cyber space.

We have got go through great distance from the time που The viruses was trafficked on floppy disks and the Morris, and when the first worms they did the appearance them on the internet the 1988, until the appearance of basic pillars of cybercrime today: trojans, spyware and ransomware.

According to report Security Report 2023 by Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd, of top worldwide group experts into a issues cyber security, The cyber attacks This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. 2022 will increase against 38% into a annual base and per organization per week There were against average 1.168 attacks per organization per week. Η condition is possible to continue to worsen in the coming years.

In Greece, the number of attacks at cyberspace per week arrived at 774, with annual pace change -5% and although που this looks positive organizations must remain into a vigilance and yes receive all necessary security measures for the protection of information their.

Η Check Point Software uses on World Internet Day as opportunity to remind to citizens The "Bad habits" that affect digital security:

  • Forget passwords: This is one of the most common mistakes, but and one of the practices that have a the larger impact on maintaining proper cyber security; All our we find it easier to we reuse their passwords and to use their themselves for the professionally and the personally messages email, but we put at risk critical data. It is also very common to we share codes access, such as passwords access of Netflix or of Spotify, The which often are written ή sent with electronic post office into a members of family ή into a close friends. This reality means that millions of users they fall victims violation of accounts their each time, because they fail to watch the passwords access. To This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. avoid this is recommended η creation safe codes access with at least 12 characters and a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Similarly, it is always recommended to update them every few months and not their reuse on many different platforms and accounts.
  • Update, update, update: All systems and devices are informed regularly, not just for improvement of usability and of corrections, but also for information of code against possible vulnerabilities. The messages information appear often to inappropriate hours or when not there is Wi-Fi connection and it can to come in at temptation to procrastinate the installation their ή to the ignore, inadvertently opening it door into a attacks at cyberspace. Η information of devices your it can to your help to avoid the vulnerable points.
  • Falling victim to misinformation: While Most attacks at cyberspace focus today to data theft, ο hacktivism and others threats related to state have a recently increase. His of kind of actions often include the distribution of misinformation via false news ή biased and incomplete messages, the who can be exploited the emotional side of users and to create discord. Recommended, therefore, η use various sources during the pumping information and ο control of news and of chainsaws messages before fall down victims deeds such as mass dissemination. One of the basic its pillars safe use of Internet it's common sense.
  • Use of free wireless networks: For to avoid the use of their own their data, it is increasingly common to they surf on Internet into a hotspots ή free networks Wi-Fi in restaurants, airports, train stations and subway, hotels, yet and into a public and privately means of transport. However, security researchers have find out that in many cases his of species the wirelessly networks they have little or no security. It is recommended not to you acquire access to unknown networks, but if is essential, to you limit yourself in basic tour and to avoid entering passwords or using sensitive ones applications, such as payment platforms or access in banks.
  • Acceptance of privacy policies and licenses without review: You have read it never the terms and conditions communication data? These lengthy and confused texts encourage most people to accept the terms of use any application as a they have. While this allows us to we enjoy The applications faster, maybe same to you to lead to seriously issues security and at leakage of all our data. On the one hand, the criminals of cyberspace they often use some popular apps and programs for the hearsay malicious code and some malicious developers hide some conditions for to carry the permission collection, storage and even trading data. If dedicate few minutes to check out The empty and the terms and the conditions before install a program, you can to avoid to fall down victim fraud ή to violate the personally your data.
  • Browsing and trusting insecure websites: A way detection his of type impostors websites is η search small wrong, such as typographical errors, insufficient text or η presence of misleading ή bad quality images. However, undoubtedly ο more effective way is the analysis of addresses URL with base indicators security, such as the SSL certificates (the padlocks appear next to the web address) and warnings such as The irregular characters ή the presence of subdomains.

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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