Ready the 64-bit version of Firefox Developer Edition for Windows

The Mozilla Foundation has just released the 64-bit version of Firefox Developer Edition for Windows. The 64-bit version of it Firefox there was only distribution on the Nightly Channel, which until now has been the only channel that offered both versions of Firefox in 32-bit and 64-bit.firefox

All other channels, Stable, Beta, and Developer Edition, did not have 64-bit versions of the Wwindows application because the versions of Firefox for Mac and Linux on 64-bit have been available for some time now.

This move from the Mozilla Foundation marks the start of the final support phase for 64-bit versions across all systems. Soon the first 64-bit beta builds will be ready starting with Firefox 37 Beta 2.

This means that the development of 64-bit will go along with 32-bit builds.

64-bit traffic will help the Mozilla Foundation remain competitive as most browsers already offer 64-bit versions in Windows.

You can try the new version from the links below

Language Windows 64-bit Windows Mac OS X Linux Linux 64-bit
greek              Download Download Download Download Download
English (U.S.) Download        Download Download  Download Download

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