What they say about you 70 like you on Facebook

Experiments show that computers can better predict even our family or friends our personality and features.  At Cambridge University and Stanford have understood that likes in Facebook can be used to assess information from a variety of personalities, related to sexual orientation and political beliefs.facebook like

Researchers, though, admit that human personality is multidimensional, wanted to go one step further to their conclusions and to emphasize the excellence of computers.

The online footprint

New research shows that 70 like in Facebook it is enough for the computer to extract its conclusions and decode one's personality. Conclusions that go beyond those of a friend and a co-owner.

This is because the people of our environment have seen our behavior in limited circumstances and the information they have is inadequate to compare with the amount of information that computers have in their memory.

Our computers judge in a mechanical and continuous way, while people often judge us to be even prejudiced.

These conclusions have long been based on advertising companies and build an image of who we are and how we operate.

In fact, psychologists say we have to be very careful about how we move on the Internet, as we can not control the data collected for us.

Source: Skai.gr

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