Court orders a fine of $ 7000 for sharing an eBook with BitTorrent


A man and a woman from New York have been ordered by the court to pay $ 7.000 in compensation for downloading an eBook of the series "For Dummies" with BitTorrent. Federal Judge Laura Taylor Swain of New York ruled in absentia against the couple and convicted them of infringing on the copyright and trademark of major e-book publisher John Wiley & Sons.


The story began earlier in 2011, when John Wiley & Sons became the first book publisher to pursue BitTorrent users in the US.

In the months that followed, Mr. Wiley filed a lot of lawsuits against BitTorrent users. The categories concerned the sharing of digital copies and titles such as "Hacking for Dummies," "Wordpress for Dummies," and "Cooking Basics for Dummies."

Mr Wiley's attorney told TorrentFreak that they intend to settle all cases with the alleged offenders for an unknown amount. However, recently, the book publisher has asked for re-examination of the cases that have been tried, and the lack of satisfaction did not satisfy him.

In one of them open the defendants who were convicted in absentia yesterday by the Federal Judge of New York Laura Taylor Swain.

Tammy Roberts of Clifton Springs, New York, was convicted of exchanging "Photoshop CS5 All-In-One For Dummies" and Fred Burgos from Brooklyn, New York to exchange "Herb Gardening For Dummies" with BitTorrent. Both will have to pay the total amount of 7.000 dollars as compensation, as Wiley requested this amount.

Interestingly, Wiley accused BitTorrent users of both copyright and trademark violations. 5.000 dollars will be charged for copyright infringement, and 2.000 dollars for trademark infringement.

According to Wiley's complaint, the author worries that pirate copies may harm his trademark "For Dummies" as they may be of inferior quality or associated with viruses.

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