77 Surfers on the same wave

La-Gironde-River Surfers

If you have been through Facebook for the last 24 hours, you may already have the following video clip surfers to balance on the waves of a river.


The "French Tidal Bore Party Wave" (as this video is unofficially known) shows dozens - we counted 77 - of standing rowers, surfers, kayakers, and even some outriggers sharing a very big, but very big wave on a French river .

The Facebook post that has made the rounds of the world is from the Surf Federation of Costa Rica and mentions the famous "El Pororoca" tidal wave in the Amazon. However, this wave is actually the tidal wave of the Gironde River in France.

The Gironde River is located near Bordeaux, with its famous wine ( Google Maps ) and its estuaries are large and open, so that they behave like funnels that channel water inland and in combination with strong tides, creates this crazy phenomenon. It has long been known to be a huge playground for surfers, and what you see in the video is a very small part of Girdonde's amazing capabilities.

Watch this video clip (from YouTube), shot back five years ago, which gives a very good angle to the waves at La Gironde.

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