794 words about immorality in the IT industry.

Reading it Stop training models more powerful than ChatGPT-4 αI wonder if we should worry or worry too much!

And I explain myself. Well a mind might think: “they want to delay artificial intelligence (AI) because - for now - it's on the outside", but there is also the other possibility. To have realized that "something" has started that they cannot catch, tame, control.


And IF my first thought is correct, then, in no time at all, you will be buying a cell phone, a refrigerator, a car, and it will contain a hard drive with an original AI structure inside and out.

IF HOWEVER, my second thought is true, i.e. the one invoked by the signatories, then I do not believe that they are interested in the common good (see related proverb: the full, the fasting is not counted).

The step that should have been created first but was skipped

PROBABLY they are worried because through such a technology, which for the time being is not governed by Rules of Ethics, Principles and Ethics, maybe I emphasize the "MAYBE", being a double-edged sword (s.s. not a knife that only cuts the poor) to become a trigger and detonator for the poor to attack, in a sense, against the rich.

In every level. From the economy and the ... Markets, to predicting situations and solving problems that, until yesterday, would have required large amounts of "experts" to solve.

And this last one might be the key to a case where - possibly - it is initially requested by a "user": "artificial intelligence, tell me how to create a nuclear bomb” and for the second year, the TN should request: “tell me where I can find enriched uranium at a good price"...

Note : it was sometime in 1999 when looking at the then Internet I had found many pages of English-language detailed instructions for creating a nuclear bomb, in the library of a University. And I had even saved them in one CD-ROM (which passed away, rotting away in the under-seat case of my motorcycle). After some years, I tried to find it again. To no avail. It had (thankfully) disappeared as some little man somewhere said: what do you guys have open on the internet? That too ! it was a kind of moral rule of the time.

Returning to us, perhaps the "big men" who signed the application saw a similar problem, thinking: "Are you asking TN to create an algorithm-routine that will crush our stocks?” or even be asked to create a “prediction of what and how I should do so that such and such shares are crushed, by the time I have bought?".

Suicidal humanity skipping stages

Am I tired? Am I repeating myself? Maybe. But I did it on purpose to remind you that a fundamental element has been sidelined. The necessity of creating a branch of ETHICS, operating rules of IT. And because it is absent and/or TN Ethics teams are dismissed, it is as if we have gone to stage 2, bypassing stage 1 which is the MOST fundamental!

Far-fetched reasoning? Probably not.

Reminder – documentation for the necessity of IT ethics branch

And anyone who disagrees should remember what happened to the pharmaceutical industries in the USA where, FIRST any company creates a preparation, then they put 10-20 of their own (see paid scientists ... doctors) to give an opinion that a preparation is excellent and IF there is a publicity problem and IF there are complaints to the US drug agency and IF they become widespread in the media, then the latter begins the ... investigations (which will take place AFTER the pharmaceutical industry has made tons of money and AFTER hundreds of dead and addicts have been created.

And IF in the field of medicine and biomedicine ETHICS it should be out of nowhere, then, in the IT industry it is THE BUILDINGThe item of everything.

As the non-existence of an Ethical Bible (s.s. not a mistarna) -potentially- can even lead to the possibility of the elimination of human existence from the planet EARTH. (*)

Hydr. Don't be in a hurry to tell me/us : hey, cut it off watching in T movieserminator, I will answer him:tell those who died or became addicted to codeine. Tell those who left us years ago DDT Tell that to the children who got cancer from the powder or to those who died from it teflon. Tell that to those who accepted (in India) to drink glyphosate. Tell that to the creators of ... modern vaccines ...".

As much as it may not be liked, the denominator of the entire numerator included in the above paragraph is n lack of ETHICS book, RULES and ETHICS.

Finally, is it time to ask T.N. to write a book of ethics, ethics and rules?

* with what we read every day in the police report, maybe this ... "thinking and talking species" should be eradicated, for the good of the rest of the planet.

Giorgos Th. Kanellakis

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Written by George Kanellakis

Youth of several decades that even in my 110 years I will live with modern ideas but old Principles

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