The 9 best extensions to make Facebook better

Check out the 9 best browser extensions that will make Facebook so much better. Full range, from seeing who took you out of a friend to removing these annoying boxes on the sidebar!

If you have access to Facebook from a computer and not from your mobile device, then it is easy to customize its appearance to your liking, using extensions.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer the ability to add extensions, that is, small applications that change the way you use the browser, and of course change the way you interact with Facebook, either by adding features or removing unwanted items. .

Let's look at the 9 best extensions you can install today…

1. Social Fixer

Available in: Chrome, User Script

Of all the extensions for Facebook, Social Fixer is the most popular and the most complete solution. It offers a long list of features that help make Facebook a more enjoyable experience.

Some of the top extension tools include ways to turn off posted posts or make your news feed display newer posts first. It also has a news feed filter and a friend manager that lets you know when someone took you out of a friend.

You can even use Social Fixer to reset Facebook 2020 redesign, so that the site displays the old layout.

2. FB Purity

Available in: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera

Like Social Fixer, FB Purity is an all-in-one tool that can revise many aspects of the Facebook homepage when viewed in a browser.

Some of the best features include Hide Ads, Hide Related Posts, Hide Upcoming Events, and Hide Featured Games. You can also go back to the old Facebook layout and turn off video playback automatically.

3. Privacy Badger

Available in: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera

It's no secret that Facebook stores data for its users (and, perhaps more worryingly, for its non-users). In fact, there are many ways in which Facebook invades your privacy and many people feel increasingly uncomfortable with the level of intrusion.

If you want a way to stop Facebook from doing all this monitoring, check out Privacy Badger. This is an official extension from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that will prevent third-party advertisers from collecting information as you browse the web - including Facebook.

4. Unseen for Facebook

Available in: Chrome

We are all familiar with the idea that when you read a message that someone has sent you on Facebook, the sender will know that you have opened it and read it, thanks to a notification icon in their own chat window.

To prevent this from happening, check out UnSeen. It will allow you to read Facebook messages without activating the "read message" alert on the sender.

Unfortunately it is only available in Chrome. Released under the same name in other browsers but not from the same manufacturer,

5. Photo Zoom For Facebook

Available in: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Every time you scroll through a Facebook feed, you probably know that all the photos are shrinking on the screen. This is not just happening on Facebook. All social networks have this technique built in, partly for data savings and secondly because of the practical problems of using a computer monitor.

However, if you want to see a full size photo on Facebook, you have to click on it. If you like to study a lot of friends' photos, this quickly becomes tedious.

Photo Zoom for Facebook eliminates the need for clicks. Once you have installed the extension, simply hovering over a photo in the news feed will display its full size.

6. Friends Feed

Available in: Chrome, Safari

If you're old enough and remember the early years of Facebook, you know that streaming news was a much more fun place to hang out. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

The feed is powered by posts that you are not interested in, either because your friends like them or because a company has paid to display its content in front of your eyes.

The Friends Feed extension gets rid of these posts. The only updates you will see will come either from your friends or from pages and people you actively follow.

7. Friend Convert

Available in: Chrome

If you are the administrator of a large Facebook group, you may want to see the Friend Convert extension. It allows you to add friends to a group en masse, but it also allows you to remove people en masse from a group.

This is especially useful if the group operates under the condition of a membership, where the list of active participants is constantly changing.

8. Multiple Tools For Facebook

Available in: Chrome

Managing your profile, page, or Facebook group can be a daunting task. Indeed, most businesses now have to employ an entire team to run the company's appearance on social media to stay on top of endless messages and control communication requests.

Multiple Tools is a Facebook extension that specializes in automation. It has a control panel that will display all your details, as well as ways to automate privacy settings for posting, receiving messages, and incoming and outgoing requests from friends and groups.

You can also use the extension to block the displayed messages, block the delivery signal, and even find out which groups your friends have joined.

9. Image Cleaner

Available in: Chrome

Facebook does not really want you to delete your photos. As a result, there is no way to delete your old images in bulk.

Sure, you can delete photos on an individual basis, and this is good if you want, for example, to get rid of an annoying snapshot from a night out. However, if you want to clear photos, Facebook makes it almost impossible without deleting your account completely.

Image Cleaner solves the problem. You can delete photos, albums and videos with a single click (without confirmation screen). It also adds a check box to multimedia components so you can select and delete multiple files at once.

Should Facebook inherently include these features?
It's somewhat unfortunate that we have to switch to third-party extensions for Facebook to access some of these features. If nothing else, their absence is an indictment of the true guiding principles of Facebook. As has been the case for several years, this is a profit derived from the user experience.

Hopefully, Facebook will change its attitude and make the site more user friendly, although we do not have high hopes. For now, these extensions should suffice.

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