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  1. Good Evening. I will put my question here and if I make a mistake in the unit I apologize.
    Why when I receive a message or any other notification ("I like it" etc.), except for the voice call - video chat, on facebook, the corresponding audio signal is not heard?
    It also happens when I go to the facebook tab κάποια to some other, adjacent.
    The web browsers that use and attack the same, are the following:
    Mozilla Firefox - Google Chrome - Microsoft Edge.
    The settings: "Incoming call and message sounds" are enabled.
    I enter the system only from a laptop and I do not have the messenger application separately.
    It also happens after the add-ons are deactivated.
    It also happens on another computer.
    To friends I experimented ἱ Sounds worked fine. It started 1 - 2 months ago.
    Additional help:
    I am in the Version - Windows 10 Pro - 20H2.
    Are there any settings on my computer that I may have changed without wanting to?


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