9 url YouTube tricks you need to know

With the following impressive tricks you can make the most of YouTube. These are small url changes that allow you to create GIFs, loop videos, download thumbnails, and more.

Although YouTube remains the number one video site on the Internet, you probably do not consider its adaptability. Either way, whether you are a casual user or watching videos on the internet every day, there are many ways to modify YouTube.

An important category of these are special YouTube link tricks. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your YouTube URL.

1. Link to any part of a video

Normally, when you copy a link to a YouTube video and open it, it starts over. However, if you want to show someone a specific section of a video or skip a long introduction, you can add a timestamp to the URL to make the video start at that time.

You can do this in two ways. Adding it manually & t = ΛmΔΔs at the end of a video URL, you set it to start at Λ minutes (m) and ΔΔ seconds (s) in the video. You can skip the minutes or use only seconds in the total time (eg & t = 135s).

For example, this video:


It can be notified to start directly from the chorus in 56 seconds using this URL:


If you do not want to use the manual method, then do the following: Pause the video the moment you want to share it, then right-click on it and select "Copy Video URL Now" .

2. Play a video in unlimited loop

YouTube is a great place to listen to music you can't find anywhere else. If you get stuck with a song and want to listen to it again and again, you can add the repeater to the youtube URL.

Change the original address of a video:


With this address


The address will open youtztepeater.com that will play your video over and over again. Using the options just below the video, you can change the start or end times of the video.

You can do the endless repetition inherently with Youtube itself. Just right-click on the YouTube video and enable "Repeat" to continue playing.

3. Bypass age restriction

YouTube has age restrictions, in some videos marked as adult content. Whether you do not have a Youtube account or do not want to connect, you can perform a small trick to bypass the connection.

When you have a YouTube URL with a restricted video like this:


Now, add nsfw in front of the youtube section of the link, as shown here:


The video will open on a new site with no age restrictions. If you still see the age restriction message, click "here to try another method" to try another method. This will upload it to a new page which we hope will play the video successfully.

4. Omission of a specific part of the Introduction

Similar to Trick No. 1, which lets you select the start time of a video, you can also choose to skip a certain number of seconds at the beginning of a video. You can not set minutes with this, so use a total of seconds (eg 90 for a minute and a half).

Therefore, to skip the first 30 seconds of this video:


Add & start = 30 at the end of the address:


This is similar, as we said before, to No. 1, but it's a little faster at typing and does not require you to remember a specific timestamp.

5. Get a custom URL for your YouTube channel

If you have your own YouTube channel and meet specific requirements, you can set an easy-to-read URL for your page. This will make it easier for you to remember your address, instead of the default random character string, and share it with your friends.

To receive a custom address, your channel must meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 100 subscribers
  • Run it for at least 30 days
  • Have uploaded a profile photo and channel cover

If you are satisfied, head to YouTube Studio by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner of YouTube and selecting YouTube Studio. In the left menu, click Adjustment and then Basic information in the up side.

On this page, below the channel URL, you will see the normal URL of your channel, as well as the field to specify a custom URL. You will only see this field if you qualify. Use it to select your custom channel URL.

You can only have one custom URL at a time. If you have already created one, you can not change it, but you are allowed to remove the current URL and create a new one, if available. This is an option that can be made ONLY three times a year, so do not play with it.

Once the custom url has been set up, anyone can go to youtube.com/[Y_Custom_URL] to visit your channel.

6. Go straight to your YouTube subscriptions

Many times, the suggestions offered by YouTube are not useful. Either the suggestions are full of weird content, or the homepage contains videos you are not interested in. You can set a better landing page on YouTube.

When you're logged in, try changing your YouTube bookmark from the main homepage to your subscription page using this URL:


This allows you to view the latest videos from the channels you have subscribed to, so you do not miss any of their new content. So you have control over what you see, instead of YouTube deciding for you.

7. Download the thumbnail of any video

It is common when you search for images on Google to find various images from YouTube videos, usually titled maxresdefault. With a "tease" in the url, you can easily see a high quality thumbnail for any YouTube video (if any). Just go to the following url:


Replace [VideoID] with text after v = at the end of a YouTube url. Therefore, to see the thumbnail of this video:


Visit this link:

8. Create a GIF from a YouTube video

Did you find a video on YouTube that has a moment worth doing GIF? You can easily create an animated GIF from anywhere in a video by adding a gif before the YouTube link.

Therefore, to edit this video in GIF:


Change the URL to this:


You will be taken to gifs.com, where you can add a variety of effects and trim the GIF to your liking. When done, share the GIF on social media with an easy link or download it for saving.

Note that extremely large videos do not work with this service.

9. Mix music from YouTube videos

This is not a real URL hack, as you can not visit it directly from YouTube. However, it uses YouTube URLs, so we include it.

Visit it YouTube DJ and you can add two YouTube URLs to combine their music. Use the controls to set shortcuts to different parts of the song and adjust the fade out and speed as you like.

If you have ever thought that two pieces of music would fit together quite well, this is the site for you!

These tricks will allow you to make the most of YouTube. Some are embedded in YouTube itself, while others rely on external third-party services. It is possible that any of them will stop working in the future.

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