Starlink sets fair usage policy and data limit

Starlink set US residential customers a limit on the use of its service, citing terms such as "fair use" and "proper operation". So far it is not valid in Greece, but...

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Starlink has emailed its US customers saying their internet access may be throttled if they use more than 1TB in a month. Changes in its policy include; lower average speeds and countermeasures to reduce congestion during peak periods.

Typical US residential users will start each month with a 1TB limit for use during “peak hours” ie from 7am. until 11 p.m. If they don't pass it they will have "priority access". If a subscriber uses more than 1TB, they will switch to “Basic access”, which is unlimited, but potentially much slower than priority access when there is congestion.

Users can choose to continue paying additional amounts for priority access if they reach the limit. The fee is $0,25 per GB or $250 per TB. Yes and as one user points out of Reddit on the Starlink subreddit, buying two Starlink subscriptions will be $140 cheaper than buying 2TB of data with one subscription!.

Starlink also changed its expected service speeds without notifying its customers. However, current users say they are getting much slower speeds than Starlink has been advertising for months anyway.

For Greece, nothing has changed so far for residential users. And we say "so far" because the same Starlink reports that This Fair Use Policy does not apply to Residential Services in your country at the moment".

It seems strange that SpaceX has now chosen to introduce data caps on Starlink after the service had its ups and downs last month when Elon Musk said the company did not want to continue paying for free use of the service to the Ukrainian military. before finally giving in to his decision.

CNN reports that SpaceX is still in talks to collect from the Pentagon the bill for the 1.300 terminals used in Ukraine when it went offline last week.

It seems that Elon Musk is looking for a way to save money after buying Twitter. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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