Interesting information about the. CDA audio files of a CD

Have you met .CDA files? Have you ever opened a music CD on your computer to see its contents? Your computer can be done with an automatic process, depending on how you have configured

If you use a file manager to explore the contents of the CD you may have encountered files with the extension .CDA corresponding to the number of tracks on the disc. The files are named track01.cda or xNUMX.cda by counting the songs on the CD.

The size of these files is 1 Kilobyte, and each click on them plays the selected track from your system music player (the default to open these files is Windows Media Player).tbsp

You can copy these files to your local system. When you click on a track you have copied, music can start playing only if the audio CD is still on your computer's CD / DVD player.

If it is not, you will receive an error message stating that the file was not found on your computer.

As you may have perceived from the above description, CDA files do not contain audio data. Their unique purpose is to show the positions of the songs on your computer, just working as shortcuts.

These files do not really exist on the disk, but are created by the Windows operating system.

So if you want to copy the contents of a music CD to your local hard drive, use a program like CDex to do it. Let's say there are several applications for this, CDex is a pretty easy program and free of charge.

CDex Installer 1.77 (recommended)
Download for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

SHA1: d43ec3ca087086340baa9345161eb6cf78e5e035
MD5: 74ae412d17405fc01fe77beea1a22be9

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