The majority of free antivirus come with unwanted add-ons

Free Antivirus: Developers and companies offering free versions of their products use different options to increase their profits.

They use different versions (pro and business) but also funding from third party programs. Third-party applications offer funding to anyone who integrates with their installer and their own application. Revenue in this case comes from users installing these applications, either because they want to or unknowingly.antivirus

Since companies are paid only when users install these programs and services, it is very common to try to hide their installation.

Some companies can not realize that the event may affect the reputation and trust of their customers, or if they realize it, they put the profit above all.

It is known, however, that trust and reputation are particularly important when it comes to security software.

Security programs without third party applications

The following programs do not include third-party applications or first-party non-antivirus offers.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Free antivirus solutions with third-party applications

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +

Ad-Aware installs Ad-Aware Web Companion by default if you do not choose not to install on your computer. The ability to omit the installation is barely visible, while the next (Next) is highlighted.lavasoft

The program will change your browser home page and new tab to Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome and will install a new default search engine.

Avast Free Antivirus

The Avast security application lets you install Dropbox while installing the master program. It will do this unless you uncheck the "install Dropbox" box on the Setup page.

Dropbox Avast

AVG AntiVirus Free

When the installer completes the installation of the application on the system, a window suggests installing: AVG TuneUp Web and AVG Secure Search if you click OK.

This will modify your browser's homepage, change your default search provider (Yahoo), and install a page for the new tab.

The offer is checked by default and only a click of the OK button is required to proceed with the installation. The cancel button uses a smaller font size and a darker color that is harder to discern in the dark background.avg safeguard

Avira Free Antivirus

The application will try to get you to install the Dropbox software on your system after the main installation. In addition, it offers Avira Safe Search which changes the search engine you use with Avira Safe Search if you accept the installation.


Comodo Antivirus Free

The Comodo Antivirus Installer will install not only the antivirus program, but also the Comodo GeekBuddy and Comodo Dragon Web Browser by default.

GeekBuddy is a remote support service and Dragon Web Browser is a Chromium-based company browser. You must select the installation custom to prevent applications from installing automatically.Comfortable

In addition, Comodo can change the computer's DNS settings to add the Comodo DNS security servers. It will change your homepage and the search engine you are using.

Panda Free AV

This program offers to install Panda Security Toolbar on supported browsers, which will make Yahoo the default search engine, and set MyStart (Yahoo) as your default homepage.

That's why

Caution! Free solutions antivirus they use two basic alternatives to make money. The first changes your browser home page. Most companies work with search providers such as Yahoo to earn extra revenue when users search or click on ads. The first solution includes security add-ons that can offer similar features.

The second solution installs third-party programs such as Dropbox on your system if you do not block their installation.

Quite interesting is the fact that some programs offer an uninstallation solution, while others do not. For example, after uninstalling AVG, the AVG TuneUp Web remains and should be removed manually. All settings must be manually reset to your original page.

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