The Lizard Squad effect

The Lizard Squad has been leading a lot of headlines lately, something that has not happened on the Internet yet. After the temporary extermination of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, the revolutionaries without cause, are looking for cash by offering the DDoS attack tool for sale. The electronic deconstruction in all its splendor.Lizard Squad

Starting with 6 dollars a month, buyers will be able to recruit Lizard Squad services for a targeted attack on a website.

The ability to hit almost any website or web service is remarkable and quite dangerous. Cyber ​​wars are now for sale. Imagine competing companies launching each other the "bursts" of the Lizard Squad tool. The companies themselves and their customers will be lost. Win the new online troll profile.

The Lizard Squad do not try to hide like the cracker groups of the old school scene, see Core, ZWT, XFORCE.

The Lizard Squad creates a very different profile than what we have known to date. Criminal acts with name and surname, the Anonymous era is going on. They try to interview big news channels to prove their online power, trying to build a marketable brand name with the name of the team, while creating an incredible biography.

This could be problematic for too many if the authorities can not locate these electronic mercenaries. At present, as reported yesterday, only one member of the Lizard Squad was arrested and recorded in a press release of the British Police. The second one, known by Ryan's nickname, was arrested by the FBI immediately after landing at Dallas Airport. For the second capture there is no official press release, apart from the Twitter reports from the group itself.

It is worth noting that, the special website that places the service "Lizard Stresser", Is offline. The note states:

"Switching servers… will be back online soon - All paid accounts will receive one week bonus as compensation"

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