Piracy, why did I sin!

A new website called PiracyData.org shows movies that have been illegally taken several times a week. Together with these results, it also shows whether movies are available through streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu or even for digital rental or purchase by Amazon Prime or YouTube. Here are the results:

pirate date

As you can see, none of the top movies illegally this week are available for streaming, and only three of 10 are available for digital rental. The PiracyData.org website gets information about its availability from whats-on-netflix.com and TorrentFreak piracy numbers. According to PiracyData.org, none of the pirated movies have been downloaded for three weeks.

The same view is shared by Ted Sorandos, Netflix CEO, who in an interview with Stuff magazine last May said: "We have noticed that Bittorrent traffic is declining as Netflix traffic grows." He also mentioned according to The Washington Post that "the best way to fight piracy is not law or prosecution, but good choices."

Of course opinions differ. There is not always a correlation between availability and piracy, said a spokesman for the American Film Association. "The Walking Dead" was downloaded more than 500.000 times in 16 hours, despite being available for free via streaming for 27 days. of AMC ”

But apparently not everyone has the same opinion. "Game of Thrones" was the series that pirates loved in 2012, and as HBO (production company) director David Petrarca said, he is not "bothered by piracy as long as it is advertising"

The article was published in Huffington Post

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