Why would Steve Jobs not give the iPhone to his children?

And yet Steve Jobs he forbade his children to technology. From political correctness, the Apple avoided any relevant mention during the festive presentation of the new iPhone, but every parent around the world knows it well: Kids will love it iPhone Plus and parents will not be able to snatch it from their hands.

Steve Jobs

With a screen longer than six inches, that is, a size similar to its size  Nintendo 3DS, the new one iPhone 6 Plus will be released as soon as the children's game is released in the shops. It will be the most effective engagement for long journeys by car, which will keep them quiet in the days when they have no school, while playing the role of a virtual-mom when the real has a lot of work.

That's why it makes the impression that the man who put iPhones and iPads in all the homes - and in the hands of the children - did not allow his own children to spend their time with them.

  CCleaner new scandal with the application

In an article posted to New York Times on the occasion of the launch of the new iPhone, it is revealed that Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, described himself as a "low-tech parent". 2010, when asked if the iPad liked his children, replied: "They have not used it. At home, we restrict the use of technology by our children. "


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