How reliable is a search engine that filters the results?

According to a TorrentFreak publication, Google removes from the search results all the links that lead to the popular Kickass torrent site.

This means that the site can not be found anywhere if you do a search on its name or its derivatives, Google's search engine, or another that uses Google as its results

The official domain of the site is not included in the first five Google results pages if you search for it.

Instead, as a first result, a variation of the page that serves very aggressive ads appears and no one knows what the files they distribute.

Other search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo, for example, will return you instant results from the official

We will not stop at the reasons why Google has blocked viewing the site. It could be because he discovered malware on a domain, or he may have received a DMCA notice.dmca

The issue we are concerned with is another. Of course, it is a basic problem to ban a site in the company's search results, but even more basic is transparency.

How can you be sure that Google does not filter other results when using the company's search engine?

How can you be sure that the company does not filter websites that you do not want to see for any reason? How can you be sure you get the best results and not a biased list based on manual interventions, tweaks, or various interests?

It seems that no one can be sure anymore, and there is no way to see if the results are genuine or altered.

This publication does not support other search engines, it just reports the fact of a search test we made in the name of Kickass Torrents.



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