aboutlibraries exhibition opening

Engravings, photographs and historical publications are presented in the exhibition "About Libraries" which is hosted at the ESIEA "Dimitris I. Pournaras" Library until October 14, 2022. These are rare and representative samples from the material of the website "About Libraries - aboutlibraries.gr ». about lib

The opening of the exhibition took place on Thursday, September 29, at an event organized by the urban non-profit company "Kipos Filobivlon" and the National Center for Documentation & Electronic Content (EKT), in the ESIEA building.

The event presented new actions for the expansion and internationalization of the digital encyclopedia "About Libraries" (www.aboutlibraries.gr), which already includes more than 3.500 items, processed and documented: entries, bibliographic references and a rich visual collection (miniatures of manuscripts , wood engravings, copper engravings, lithographs, paintings, representations and photographic depictions of sculptures & architectural works, etc.).

It is a space for original research and collection of important and rare archival and other material, which focuses on libraries and their history, presenting unique collections, but also personalities associated with libraries in East and West from antiquity to the present day.



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