AC-130 soon with laser guns

Laser weapons come: US military leadership gathered in Orlando this week for the annual AirWarfare conference. Militants meet at this conference to discuss their plans for weapons that can cause major disasters. According to a publication, the largest non-funded project that US Special Operations Management hopes to pass, is a C-130 that will be equipped with a very powerful laser weapon.

Lieutenant Brad Webb, the chief of the Air Force Special Operations Command, is one of those who are very optimistic about the project.

"There are a lot of suppliers that really contribute to continuing to advance technology together," he said.

2015, Lieutenant Brad Heithold, who was then the head of the Air Force Special Operations Command, told Breaking Defense that he believed "We can put a high-energy laser (offensively and defensively) on an AC-130 before the end of this decade."

Webb reports that the airborne laser program has already tested a defensive laser on the front of an 747 jetliner 2012.

Since then, according to Webb, things have changed and as the technology has improved, and the project could become a reality soon.

These weapons have been tested by Boeing and are capable of drilling holes in trucks. laser

As long as there is already permission to use the Laser Weapon System as the original defensive weapon, the plan is to use C-130 airplanes as an anti-ballistic weapon for missile defense that could take countermeasures in the event of an attack.

Webb also acknowledged that "at some point there should be a political debate about where and how we can use these specific weapons.

But with the new Trump government and the White House asking for an increase in the defense budget at 54 billion dollars, it is very likely that the project will find the funding it needs very soon.

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