Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) added again to

As you may have noticed, since yesterday we have added support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Google project on our pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source web publishing technology designed to improve the performance of web content and ads. The Google-led AMP project competes with Facebook's Instant Articles, a similar project that has roughly the same goals.
According to Google:Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages Advantages

Faster landing pages usually lead to more conversions, and AMP allows you to create pages that load quickly. Combining speed and smoother loading, AMP destination pages often provide users with a better relative experience. Landing page experience is an important factor for Quality Score and Ad Rank.

How It Works

The AMP loads quickly because it's designed for speed. Browsers interpret the AMP HTML code more easily (and therefore faster) because it is optimized and specifically designed to help developers avoid standard coding problems that lead to slow page loads.

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Why did we turn off AMP about a year ago?

In the mode, Google says in a few words that the feature achieves fast loading times using AMP HTML code. This was initially the disadvantage. Viewing pages with minimal HTML and JavaScript allows the content to be hosted on Google's AMP cache. Then, Google can view this cached version directly to users when they click on the link in the search results.

AMP uses a restrictive HTML / JS set, which is prohibitive for many other features. Originally, the AMP code did not allow a script to write, fill out forms of communication, or shop online.

AMP did not show the navigation menus, any side content, or other content to find on your site. This has caused a significant drop in page views from mobile phone users.

Why did we re-enable it?

Initially we should mention that there are too many developers involved in the development of AMP pages, and are trying to overcome the above problems.

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But the logic of Accelerated Mobile Pages also represents us as an idea: fast pages without unnecessary "burdens". The regular page of is built on this idea, hitting incredible loading times.
So the question we had to answer was very simple: Do we want more user interactions, such as click on the sidebar widgets, or subscribe to newsletters or a better ranking?

For the first we have proved that we are a little interested :).

So Google AMP is back here. Enjoy the new pages.


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