Acer was hit by a $ 50 million ransomware attack

It seems that υπολογιστών Acer επλήγη από επίθεση ransomware και οι εισβολείς της ζητούν 50 dollars.

The REvil ransomware gang demands $ 50 million from Taiwanese computer maker Acer according to sources by Internet. The news is unconfirmed but according to rumors the intruders have taken advantage the vulnerability of Microsoft Exchange to gain access to the company network.

If true then this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, ransomware claims to date, and it probably was because Acer is a huge company that reported nearly $ 3 billion in profits for the fourth quarter of 2020.

The REvil group responsible for the attack broke into Travelex last year and demanded $ 6 million. The same team announced at web, την εβδομάδα αυτή, ότι έχει παραβιάσει την Acer και μάλιστα έδωσε και με μερικές εικόνες για απόδειξη.

The extortionists give Acer until March 28 to pay the ransom or they will leak the who stole the web.

In a conversation between REvil and a c of Acer, the hackers offered the company a 20 percent discount if payment was made last Wednesday.

Acer has so far denied that it was a successful ransomware attack. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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