Add your site to the Firefox search box

If you're using Firefox, you'll notice that on the top right there is a search box that lists several search engines in the list format. This publication will guide you to add your own site among the search engines it uses Firefox.

From the homepage of (and not only) you can choose to search on our page using iGuRu Search Sscript as a search engine.

Firefox search script

Let's see how it works:

You will need the following script, simply change the parameters we have marked in green.

    iGuRu Search iGuRu Site Search Search through articles posted on iGuRu Site UTF-8 UTF-8 false en-us / * * / Search iGuRu News for articles, tweaks, and much more! Search iGuRu News tweaks xml Search data from iGuRu News, open

You can download our file and make the edits they need it from here

The parameter you should look for it on your own website, it will be different if you do not use wordpress.

Name the script opensearch.xml and upload to your website. is located at

You can read about the opensearch from here and from here

Once you upload the script to / we are ready to move on to the next step.

We must "tell" the browser that we are using the search feature.

Write down the following line of code, in your meta, or better in the header between the tags


After all, you should see your site in Firefox search as shown below

Search for Firefox

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Attention: Every change you make at opensearch.xml you need to restart your browser and make sure it has no cache.

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