Adobe: announces bug in Acrobat & Reader but does not fix it

Adobe has fixed the same vulnerability in Acrobat and PDF Reader for the second time. Version APSB19-13 , released today, seems to completely eliminate vulnerability CVE-2019-7089, which the company tried to tackle with an update earlier this month.

As it seems, it did not succeed but today's version as claimed by the company came to close the security gap.adobe


In other words, the oldest Adobe update does not fully fix the problem, so all users will need to update the Acrobat and Reader applications again.

According to Symantec's Security Focus, vulnerability is the result of a boundary condition error in Reader and Acrobat, and can be used remotely by intruders.

To exploit the vulnerability exploit the vulnerability the victim will need to open a trapped file in Acrobat or Reader, which can either come via email or download from a page. By opening the file the computer information could end up in the wrong hands.

What's the problem with the two patches?

This is a data disclosure defect, which makes it less serious than vulnerabilities that make it easy to run remote code, but Adobe would have to fix it anyway.

Adobe's fix came as part of a major update package released on Patch Tuesday in collaboration with Microsoft. The package fixed 150 CVE vulnerabilities in Flash, Acrobat, Reader, Office and Windows.

So Adobe has made the mistake (that is, made it known to everywhere hackers) but did not fix it. Smart?




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