Adobe Creative Cloud service crashed

Adobe Creative Cloud is offline and when it is online it has problems. Users report connection problems, and of course data access problems.

Adobe is facing a major downtime that prevents users from connecting to Creative Cloud, accessing their registered applications or their stored data.

At this time, if you try to connect to the service, you may not experience rotating queues, errors, and inability to connect because the company is trying to fix the problems.

Users on Twitter and DownDetector reported similar problems and were very disappointed that Adobe's move to the cloud caused such problems by comparing the online service to the local applications released by Adobe.

Adobe has acknowledged the service outage as shown on the page many error alerts. One of them is entitled "Major issue # 20201008017". At the moment it seems that this problem has been fixed but there are no details about what caused it.

"Adobe customers may experience connection failures when attempting to access Adobe cloud services. The technical teams are working to identify the problem and try to restore the services as soon as possible. "

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