Adobe Firefly is now open for worldwide use

Το Adobe Firefly έφτασε τις 1 δις εικόνες, υποστηρίζει 100 γλώσσες και ει πλέον ανοιχτό για παγκόσμια χρήση.

adobe fireflies

The creation of images through artificial intelligence it has now become an institution, and Adobe has also entered the game with beta and free for now, program by Firefly.

Firefly can be used to create images from prompt text, add or remove elements from using Generative Fill and to create words and phrases in various styles.

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The resulting images can be downloaded in high resolution with no watermark but an Adobe corner mark, but cannot be used for commercial use without permission from the company.

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In a statement from Adobe on Wednesday, July 12, the company said it now allows users to create images and text effects in the standalone Firefly web service using their local language. This service will now be translated into 20 different languages, including Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, French and German.

But Adobe Firefly understands text messages in 100 languages, including Greek. The user interface of the software is now available in 20 languages ​​(not in Greek), but the prompt text to create an image can also be in Greek.

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Firefly debuted in March. Since then, Adobe has added it to Illustrator, Photoshop, and Express. Because Firefly is trained on a set of photos that are part of Adobe's stock photo offering, unlike other participants in this market, Adobe can guarantee that the images that companies produce using Firefly are safe for commercial use.

Since March, Firefly's website and Photoshop have generated more than 1 billion images, according to the company. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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