Uninstall now: New serious vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player

Ultimately, as you know, Adobe does not do it with security! The Adobe Flash Player is not finished. Few months after the last great vulnerability discovered in their software as well as just two days after the latest security release, Adobe warns us of new dangerous vulnerability and almost suggests that we uninstall the player !!!

Adobe Flash Player

The company has issued one new security bulletin this week by warning that last edition of Flash Player, with build number, is vulnerable to a exploit that could cause computers to collapse or allow a hacker to gain control.

The bad news is that the vulnerability can be applied to all Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and there is still no guaranteed solution, apart from uninstalling the plug-in.

Adobe has named the critical vulnerability CVE-2015-7645, and says it affects the latest version of the plug-in, as well as all its previous releases (so you're saving it with nothing).

The company notes that attacks that can exploit the new vulnerability are limited and can be used against specific targets.

The company says it is working on a solution but will not be available until at least next week, the earliest at 19 October. The only guaranteed way for users to protect their computer at this point is to uninstall the plugin.

For those who want to uninstall the plugin, you can find the Adobe instructions from here..

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