Critical updates for Adobe Flash Player

Adobe released yesterday new security patches for a total of nine of its products. Of course, Adobe Flash Player could not miss them, and then, ColdFusion Builder, InDesign and others.

One of the most critical patches is the APSB16-39 security update available for Adobe Flash Player. The update encounters 16 security flaws in Flash, one of which could allow remote code execution if it is successfully deployed.Adobe Flash Player

Adobe has even confirmed that it has already seen attacks attempting to take advantage of this vulnerability. It goes without saying that Flash Player users should give immediate priority to installing this patch. The updated version of Flash Player is

For Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11, the severity of the update is rated "1" (the highest priority available for Adobe repairs), while Adobe Flash Player for Linux has rated “3.”

In the case of users running Internet Explorer and Edge, the Flash Player update will be sent via Windows Update as the application is embedded in the browser.

You can download the new version from the following link:

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