Adobe Project VoCo and put words in the mouth of another

Adobe Project You: Soon we may be able to get people to say things they never said. How; THE Adobe plans to release a new voice editing software.

The company presented the Project You yesterday at its annual MAX event, revealing a tool that will do for audio what Photoshop does for image editing.

The CHALLENGE can be used to introduce new words that the speaker has never said and to create completely new, and natural, eloquent phrases.Adobe Project VoCo

The technology was introduced by researcher Zeyu Jin, who impressed attendees at the MAX event with top products that are still under development. We do not know if finally CHALLENGE released as a product. At the moment his team Adobe Research collaborates with Princeton University on project.

"We have developed a technology called Project CHALLENGE with which you can simply enter the word or words you want to change or enter in VoiceOver. The algorithm will do the rest and make it sound like the original speaker said it, "she said. Adobe at TheVerge.

The new software is designed to help content creators in editing a dialogue or narrative, debugging, or even changing a speech.

Despite its predictable success if it is finally released, from that point onwards it will be very difficult to re-trust the recording of one's speech. On the other hand, it could open up a whole new way of keeping one's voice or using voice in other technologies.

Η Adobe told TechCrunch that the Project CHALLENGE is an example of "voice conversion" instead of speech synthesis.

Jin and Princeton researcher Adam Finkelstein worked with his team Adobe Research reports:

"The purpose of the voice converter (Voice conversion or VC) is to modify a recording that contains the voice of a speaker, so that it sounds like another speaker, without altering the content of the speech. ”

Let's say both Google and Microsoft are trying to improve voice conversion technology using other techniques.

Watch the presentation video:

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