Adobe stops the nightmare of reading PDFs on your phone

Have you ever tried to read a pdf file on your phone? If so, then you understand what a nightmare one is when trying to read the text.

Adobe is launching a new feature in Adobe Reader with AI technology that will make PDF files much more readable and responsive on Android and iOS devices. Named Liquid Mode, the new feature utilizes Adobe's AI framework, Sensei, to make PDFs fit your screen without having to rotate and zoom.

How will it work? When you open a PDF in Reader, Sensei will scan the file and locate places such as headings, paragraphs, images and tables. It will then resize the PDF to make it more dynamic and customizable.

According to Ashley Steele, Vice President of Adobe Digital Media:

"Liquid Mode creates a smart border, collapsible and scalable sections and converts searchable text for fast navigation. Users can even adjust the font size and spacing of words, characters and lines to suit their specific reading preferences.

Not all changes are permanent, which means that the original PDF file will remain the same even after viewing.

Watch the relevant Adobe video below:

It is worth noting that the function is still in its early stages, so it will not work on every PDF. Each time you open a PDF, Sensei will scan the file and turn on the Liquid Mode button at the top, if the file is suitable for formatting.

"The more documents that go through Liquid mode, the more knowledge it will gain to extend its functionality and improve its reliability."

Liquid Mode is currently only available for mobile, but the company plans to extend it to desktops in the future. However, the timetable for this is not clear.

While fans of EPUB (an ebook format that already has design-responsive features) need to rub their eyes, making PDFs more readable through Acrobat Reader is a change that many will welcome, especially given the format's popularity. .

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