Adobe retires Shockwave on 9 April 2019

Adobe plans to stop Shockwave, a browser-based platform for interactive games and applications. His retirement will be on 9 April 2019.


Adobe will remove Shockwave Player downloads for Windows from its websites and servers on the Internet. The main reason is the rise of alternative technologies that Shockwave has now overrun. The company notes that its Enterprise customers will continue to receive support for Adobe Shockwave until their contracts expire.

As technologies evolve and mobile use has increased, interactive content has moved to platforms such as HTML5 Canvas and Web GL, and the use of Shockwave has decreased.

Shockwave was a platform, an old format, for work based on CD-ROMs or as a video game format that their creators posted on gaming sites, online. Developers used Adobe Director to create Shockwave content. Content could be viewed in any compatible Web browser, provided the Adobe Shockwave player plugin is installed in the browser. Those readers who have been using the internet and computers for more than 10 years will surely remember this old platform as a kind of "video".

The rise of Adobe Flash pushed the Shockwave off because it had features that did not support Shackwave. Adobe has already shut down Adobe Director and Adobe Shockwave Player for Mac OS from 2017. The Shockwave Player version of Windows is the latest version of Shockwave supported by Adobe. His retirement in April of 2019 terminates support for all versions.

The end of the support does not mean that the Shockwave content will no longer work after that date. Shockwave will no longer be available for download from Adobe, but existing plugins can still be used to play Shockwave content.

Third-party download sites may continue to offer Shakenwave Player for Windows, and users can install the program on Windows devices.

Adobe Flash is the next Adobe product in the retirement program. Adobe plans to withdraw it multipath Flash in December of 2020. All major browser makers have announced that they will discontinue support for Adobe Flash and 2020.



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