They came for first promotional videos for the new Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7 after making his debut in China, the company has produced two new promotional videos that emphasize cellular strength.

In the first video, Redmi Chief Executive Officer Lu Weibing puts the phone in a metal waste bin and kicks him down a staircase with 18 stairs. The phone during the experiment was in full operation and of course after the end of the test it shows us proud that nothing happened and that it still works normally.

Theoretically the phone was shaken by height 18 stairs X 18 cm each stair = 3,25 meters

The next video indicates the durability of the Redmi Note 7, since they get two phones and each one sticks with an insulating tape of two wheels. The result is that mobile phones do something like skates and try to sneak in the street with them.

Though one wheel did not last and untie, the mobile phones enjoy extreme health.

These are not the only videos with which the maker is trying to promote the new phone. Previously, others have been issued that mostly emphasize the mechanical strength of the phone. Logically, we expect to see more, as it is the first phone to come with the Redmi brand and not the Xiaomi brand.

Although in China costs 130 euros, in Greece it is finally expected to come around at 180-200 euro due to tariffs, global features and Xiaomi policy.

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