Hacked AdultFriendFinder: Leak 400 million accounts

The AdultFriendFinder and Cams.com websites are reported to be hacked, as hundreds of millions of user accounts have leaked them online.

According to LeakedSource, the Friend Finder network was hacked with an RFI exploit (remote file inclusion). This allowed the attackers to access the databases of all the pages owned by the company, namely: AdultFriendFinder, Cams.com, Penthouse, Stripshow, iCams.com and another "unknown domain."
The RFI exploit was detected a few weeks ago by the administrators of AdultFriendFinder, and is believed to be the same responsible for leaking customer information on the page.

Overall, over 400 million user accounts, 339 million from AdultFriendFinder, 62 million from Cams.com leaked. All other accounts come from other Friend Finder network pages.

Please note that Friend Finder did not take care of properly encrypting access. Many were stored in plain text without any protection while others were made hashed using the weak SHA1 algorithm, which is very easy to break.

So if you had an AdultFriendFinder account, or any other webpage on the network, do not use the same code in other services. Of course you will need to change your code instantly, wherever you use it.

To make it worse, let's say that LeakedSource claims the Friend Finder Network retained the data of users who had deleted their accounts.

If that's true, her leak Ashley Madison website seems to be a blame compared to the new hack. Leakage of user data may have disastrous consequences for users of the site.

Let's recall that after Ashley Madison's hack many of the users of the page were blackmailed by hackers or by those who took the data.

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