Aeromobil 2.5 the flying car from Slovakia

A flying car that was created in Slovakia, comes to compete with our well-known Terrafugia.

That's it Aeromobil 2.5 has made his first trip this week, as he says Digital Trends. The road can reach 160 km per hour, and 200 km per hour when it's in the air.

The wings are collapsible and stick to the cabin. The flying car runs with an aircraft engine Rotax 912 and is the same used by Terrafugia.

Aeromobil 2.5 was created by Štefan Klein, who designed the first model for 1990 for the first time. The 2.5 version will soon be available to the public.

The bodywork is made on a carbon fiber steel frame. Its radius of action reaches 700 kilometers when it flies, and 500 kilometers when traveling on the road.

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