Remove water from your phone speaker

Check out some free online tools to help you remove water from your phone speaker.

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Did your phone fall on the toilet? in the sink? in the swimming pool; When water enters your phone speaker, the sound is muted or may not even be heard. Leaving any liquid left on your speaker can cause serious damage when it dries.

Of course your first move if your phone falls into the water is to remove its battery. But today's phones have a built-in and non-removable battery and so this step is skipped. Then just close it and wait for it to dry, hoping that when it reopens (if it reopens) everything will be fine.

However, there is a case after drying, while your phone is working normally, its speaker either does not sound or pretends to drown. The damage is due to the water residue that is stuck inside the phone. This water can be thrown out if the speaker membrane oscillates at a high frequency.

There are websites on the internet that can do just that. They offer a high-frequency, high-volume sound reproduction system that helps disperse water droplets from the speakers. They work perfectly on any type of phone and all you have to do is play the sound and it will take care of the rest. Let's go see them:

1. Fix My Speakers
Fix My Speakers is a site that, at your command, can "play" a loud, high-frequency paused sound that eventually throws water out of the phone speaker.

The site is free to use and no registration is required to use it. Just go to the home page and then start playing the sound by pressing the button in the middle. It will play an intense high-frequency sound for a few seconds, pausing for 1-2 seconds, and eventually create an outward air pressure that will carry away the water.

The good thing about this technique is that Fix My Speakers is a website and not a standalone application. You do not need to download and install it, you do not need anything more than a browser. It can work anywhere, on your mobile, laptop, desktop, headphones and generally where there is a speaker.

2. Clean My Speaker
Clean My Speaker is another web site that you can use to get water out of the speaker of a drowned phone. Think of it as another alternative to Solution No. 1. This site works similarly here and you just have to start the audio.

Go to the main site from the link above and then just play the audio. Let it play for a few minutes and then check the quality of your speaker. The site is simple and works on any iOS and Android phone, as well as on anything that has a speaker and does not know how to swim.

3. Speaker Cleaner
Speaker Cleaner is an Android mobile app that you can download from Google Play.

Includes a specific sound and vibration generator tool that will eventually help you remove water from the phone. Just start the sound and lay the phone down with the screen facing down. The application will create a pattern of different sounds and vibrations and will clear your phone speaker.

The downside here is that it only runs on Android phones and contains ads.

4. Various sound generators.
There are various applications on Google Play but also for iOS that can simply play sounds. They usually have the description "Frequency Generator" or are multi-tools that include the frequency generator.
An example of such applications is Phyphox and Sonic Sound Wave Generator.

And they are not the only ones. A simple search on the words sound generator will show you a bunch of corresponding tools. They all do the same job as our first two examples. They emit one or more frequencies that are capable of pushing water away from the phone. All you have to do is try them.

High-frequency sounds can do other things, such as helping train dogs, etc., so in general, the fact that it can emit a monotonous high-frequency sound, no matter why it is intended, can also drive foreign bodies out of your speakers. .



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