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Έχετε ένα τηλέφωνο μάρκας Xiaomi; Διαβάστε τι πρέπει να κάνετε για να σταματήσετε να βλέπετε βλέπετε .

Xiaomi, add, ad, bloatware

Those who own a Xiaomi mobile phone take pride in owning a smathphone with top features and good value for money. However, the Xiaomis come with their own system, the custom MIUI software, which is loaded with bloatware and unwanted ads.

So if you are wondering how to get rid of these annoying ads that appear almost everywhere, here is what you need to do. The following steps are quite simple and refer to MIUI 12.5.1

Revocation of authorization in msa

Msa means MIUI System , and is one which cannot be uninstalled and which provides ads in default MIUI apps. So the first step is to disable MSA ads by de-authorizing them.

Since MSA is a system application, you will not find it on the home screen. So what you need to do is:

  1. Go to "Settings> Passwords & Security".
  2. Go to "Authorization & Withdrawal".
  3. Scroll down, find the "msa" and turn off the button next to it.

msa xiaomi

  1. A notification will appear "Authorization revoked” on the screen and the Recall will appear after 10 seconds. Tap on Revoke to deactivate the MSA application. The number of advertisements will be significantly reduced after the MSA authorization is revoked.

Note: Αν έχετε κατεβάσει και εγκαταστήσει την εφαρμογή GetApps της Xiaomi τότε κάντε το ακριβώς ίδιο και για αυτό. Το GetApps είναι το κατάστημα εφαρμογών της Xiaomi με πολλές χρήσιμες εφαρμογές για συσκευές .

Turn off personalized ads

Xiaomi phones also provide targeted ads in the form of personalized suggestions. You can easily turn off Ad Services:

  1. Go to Settings and click "Passwords & Security".
  2. Click "Privacy".
  3. Scroll down to "Advertising Services" and select it.

add xiaomi

  1. Disable "Personalized Ads".

Disable ads in pre-installed applications

It is not enough to simply turn off ads on MSA and Ad Services. You also need to stop ads from specific applications that are pre-installed on your Xiaomi phone.

Turn off ads from the Music app
The Music app has a variety of features, but it also displays a lot of ads as well as personalized suggestions. To avoid ad crashes, follow these steps to turn them off:

  1. Open the Music app and tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner of its home screen.
  2. Click "Settings> Advanced Settings".
  3. On the page that opens, under ADDITIONAL SETTINGS, turn off the button next to "Show ads".

Remove ads from the Security app
Follow these simple steps to turn off AdSense ads:

  1. Go to the Security app and select Settings (top right corner).
  2. Scroll down to "Get suggestions" and turn off the button next to it.
  3. Then scroll up and press "Clear".
  4. In the Clearance settings, turn off "Get Proposals".

Disable ads from the Themes app
Themes has a lot of cool wallpapers and themes, but from time to time it displays recommendations. To turn off ads from the Themes app:

  1. Open the Themes application and go to Profile> Settings.
  2. Disable ad display.
  3. Disable personalized suggestions.

Disable ads from MI File Manager
The basic File Manager application also displays ads that can be annoying. Follow these steps to turn off these ads:

  1. Open the "File Manager" application.
  2. Tap the menu icon with the three lines at the top left of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings> Info.
  4. Disable Suggestions.

Disable ads from the Downloads app
The Downloads application also displays suggested content from time to time. Here's how you can turn it off:

  1. Open the Downloads application.
  2. Press the three-dot menu and select Settings.
  3. Disable "Show suggested content".
  4. You will receive a prompt for confirmation if you want to turn off suggested sources. Just click OK.

Disable unwanted notifications from apps

Here we have no ads but notifications of an application that either you have installed or pre-existed from MIUI. If you are bothered by unwanted notifications from an installed application, you can easily turn them off.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on "Notifications & Control Center".
  3. Select "Application Notifications" and the Notifications screen will open.
  4. Now just turn off notifications from whichever app you want.

xiaomi notification

Enjoy an ad-free experience
You use your Xiaomi phone and do many things with it every day. But when the phone becomes annoying then its necessity begins and fades, both for work and for fun.

And now you know how easy it is to turn off these annoying ads from MIUI. Do the above to enjoy an ad-free experience on your phone. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Xiaomi, add, ad, bloatware

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  1. You throw it away and get a regular Android phone in which bloatware and ads will definitely be less. And yes, I'm better off being American than Chinese…

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