Starlink self-heating satellite dishes attract cats

Η Snow Melt Mode του δορυφορικού πιάτου τους Starlink αποτρέπει τη συσσώρευση χιονιού και την παρεμβολή στο , but apparently it also provides a great sitting area for the cats.

starlink spacex plate

SpaceX's Starlink is making steady profits, although it is still inactive in several countries, such as Greece. The newly established satellite internet service has surpassed 100.000 satellite dishes worldwide, overcoming all problems with speeds and with operating temperatures. However, the company has to deal with an unforeseen factor with its dishes: Cats love them.

Aaron Taylor reported the incredible incident on Twitter "Starlink works great until cats find out the dish gets a little hot on cold days."

His recent image of five cats crammed into a Starlink plate went viral. In the photo, the Starlink dish is set at ground level (not that cats have a problem if they were on the tiles) and is surrounded by snow. As noted by the Tesla news agency, SpaceX, but also Tesmanian magazine, the Snow Melt Mode function of the dish may be to blame.

This feature, released in 2020, allows dishes to use self-heating to prevent snow accumulation on it and avoid signal interference.

In Aaron's Tweet, animal lovers around the world began suggesting alternatives to keep cats warm amid heavy snowfall, but Taylor responded that “They have full access to the heated house and come and go as they please. They are there on their own »

In short, these cats have plenty of other places to hide from the cold, but they choose to sit on a $ 499 terminal plate. Although being overweight could potentially damage the appliance, it remains unclear to what extent cats interfere with the dish's signal.

On Twitter, Taylor said that all these fur bodies that were stuck over the plate managed to slow down the performance of the service and interrupt the live streams of the movies, but did not completely interrupt the service.

It seems that cats are not the only ones who like dishes. In response to Taylor's tweet, one another Twitter user shared a photo of a bird on the plate with the caption: "Different species, same problem".

To be fair, there's not much SpaceX can do to prevent animals from enjoying the comfort of Starlink gear, except perhaps to suggest to to install them in hard-to-reach places.

To date, SpaceX has deployed about 1.800 satellites as part of its goal of providing high-speed internet to rural areas with Starlink. After promises by the CEO of SpaceX but also several missed deadlines, Starlink finally came out of beta in October. However, the success was short-lived, as the ongoing global chip shortage has limited production and delayed the in late 2022 and 2023.

For Greece, we expect the legal framework in which the service will operate. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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