Mount Athos acquired an application for smartphones

His own application for smartphone acquired the Αγ 'Mount Athos! The user can "download" the application for free and have on his mobile phone information about the old (valid in the Athonite State) and the new calendar, with simultaneous presentation of their holidays, the fasts that are valid every day, the lives of all saints, the detailed telephone directory of communication with Mount Athos, the Mount Athos festivals of all the sacred shrines and the soul-beneficial opinions from the wisdom of the Fathers.smartphone

Indeed, if one wants it, he can receive a daily alert on his cell phone, at the time he will set, for the celebration and the fast of the day.

The application was created by the company ASTAE, based in Thessaloniki, wanting to facilitate the 300.000 visitors that Mount Athos receives every year, but also the faithful in general. The information was kindly provided by the fathers of the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator of Mount Athos, provided it is available free of charge.

AST's CEO Giannis Theodorakis told ANA-MPA that the idea for the application arose when he and the executives of the company, who frequently visit the Athonite State, found that the place lacks information for the visitor, for example he does not know where to go to rent a car, or the phone of the Monastery who wants to visit.

The company's thinking is to provide application information in Slavic languages ​​for foreign visitors to Mount Athos.

The app is available in the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for an Android device.

Source: Huffingtonpost

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