Buying a new laptop: What to pay attention to for the right choice

Common mistakes when choosing it

If you want to buy a new laptop, you should pay attention to eight points so that the choice is right for you and you don't get a pig in the sack.

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The impending purchase of a new laptop is exciting at first, but when searching for the right make and model, the first signs of stress appear.

The range of laptops is huge, with many variations in quality characteristics and technical terms that each company tries to market to confuse the buyer.

If you make such an important decision without a doubt and buy the first laptop that just caught your eye, then the chances are that you will make the wrong decision that could lead to a device that either does not have the basic features you need, or has too many. which you don't actually need.

So what should you look for when buying a new laptop? Let's look at eight key points.

1. Size

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The size of the laptop matters a lot. You don't want to end up with a laptop that's too big and therefore bulkier, or too small so the screen doesn't satisfy you.

Note that buying a large laptop has the advantage of better viewing, but carrying it can become cumbersome as it reduces portability.

Από την άλλη πλευρά, η αγορά ενός φορητού υπολογιστή μικρού μεγέθους σάς προσφέρει την ευκολία φορητότητας, επειδή μπορεί να μεταφερθεί εύκολα, αλλά ένα μειονέκτημα θα ήταν μια μικρή οθόνη ή το μικρό .

If you travel a lot or are always on the go, a small portable laptop will suit you better, but if the screen is what you care about, especially as a gamer or because you watch a lot of movies, then a large-sized laptop would suit you better.

But what if you want both? And always carry him with you and watch movies. Then you should find the golden ratio. You'll never have the perfect machine, but at least since there's a huge range on the market, you can find the screen inches combined with the weight that will cover most of your needs.

This is why you should consider and give to your needs before you buy a laptop that looks attractive to you.

2. Ports


Ports are essential when connecting your laptop to external devices such as printers, mice, etc. To enjoy seamless connectivity, you need to pay attention to the types of ports that come with a laptop, as well as where they are located.

Start by checking:

  • is the laptop charger port usb-c or will you need a power adapter?
  • is there an sd card slot or will you need to buy a card reader?
  • Does it have enough USB ports to accommodate plug-in devices? is there USB 3.0 or higher or not?
  • are there microphone and headphone jacks?
  • διαθέτει θύρα HDMI ή DisplayPort για σε εξωτερική οθόνη;

Check the specifications and compatibility of the doors before purchasing. Times have changed and the number of ports that come with a laptop is gradually decreasing, since almost everything is now done via USB.

Don't assume that any laptop you buy will automatically come with all the necessary ports. New computers tend not to even have many USB ports. Otherwise, you may have to spend extra money buying a hub for extra ports.

3. Screen and sound quality

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Since you will be looking at your laptop screen while using it, a high-quality display is important as it greatly affects the user experience.

So consider the screen's resolution, size, panel type, refresh rate, color accuracy, viewing angle, and GPU to see if they suit your taste.

For example, a screen that, depending on how you sit, you have to tweak the corner of the screen so that it does not shine or looks brighter, is not the best.

An ideal laptop monitor intended for gaming would be a 15,6-inch model with a high resolution (at least 1920 x 1080 pixels) for sharp and detailed graphics and a high refresh rate (at least 120 Hz) for smooth movement. It should also have a low response time (less than 5 ms), reducing input lag and ghosting, with high color accuracy (at least 72% NTSC) that delivers vivid and realistic colors.

You also don't have to compromise on sound quality. If you plan to watch a lot of movies or listen to music on your laptop, the weak audio output may make you lose interest in watching movies.

Buy a laptop with good speakers and audio output. Long range speakers for more clarity and detail, high sensitivity for more volume, less battery drain and low distortion for greater accuracy and fidelity.

Additionally, be careful with speaker placement, as incorrectly placed speakers can affect sound production and listening experience and likely lead you to purchase a pair of external speakers.

4. Try the laptop before you buy it

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Είμαστε σίγουροι ότι έχετε διαβάσει άπειρες κριτικές, αναλύσεις προδιαγραφών και ειδικών. Όλα αυτά είναι πολύ χρήσιμα, όμως η αγορά ενός laptop χωρίς πρότερη δοκιμή μπορεί να είναι ένα τεράστιο λάθος.

Don't expect to pay to solve all the questions and concerns you may have in mind and haven't yet explored one-on-one. Surely all these questions could be answered if you try the laptop yourself.

Find a store that has it in their window, try it out and get a hands-on feel for your new machine. Take some time to get used to it. Feel the weight, keyboard comfort, touchpad responsiveness, battery life and screen quality depending on your needs and usage.

Overall, testing the laptop before you buy it helps you make an informed decision. Ultimately, no matter how many reviews you read you should believe what you see with your own eyes.

5. Battery capacity

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The size of a laptop's battery capacity matters a lot whether you're always on the go or not on constant power supply.

Check the advertised number of hours you can use the laptop after a full charge to determine if it suits your needs.

However, keep in mind that advertised battery life may not always reflect actual performance in real-world scenarios. So always check user reviews and ratings before making the purchase.

6. Buying an outdated computer

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Technology is constantly evolving and so is the market with new laptop models and capabilities. Don't just think about the now when buying a laptop, but also about the future, so you don't end up with a laptop that will quickly become outdated.

Do your research on the latest features, built-in specifications, and other hardware components to ensure that the laptop you purchase is equipped with the most up-to-date specifications.

If the specs and hardware of the laptop will still be satisfactory in a few years, then you won't be pressured to change it.

7. Beware of marketing gimmicks and unnecessary features

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Any form of marketing or advertising you see on a particular laptop has the primary purpose of "selling" you impressive features. More often than not, these features are ones you won't even use.

Don't fall victim to the marketing hype. Rather, think carefully about why you need a laptop and the extra things you can do with it. There will always be newer technologies or features, it's a never ending cycle.

The salient features of a laptop should align with your usage requirements and be important to you.

Don't buy a new laptop because of the hype surrounding newer features you may not need. Instead, focus more on processing speed, RAM, storage, graphics performance, and battery life.

8. Be sure to read reviews and comments from other customers

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Reviews are one of the best ways to learn about different brands of laptops available and their specifications.

Watch video reviews of your future laptop from popular YouTube reviewers to hear their different opinions on the laptop's capabilities.

Remember that some of them have been paid to say good things, so get the opinion of as many as you can.

Reading reviews also gives you first-hand knowledge about the experiences of other buyers and the pros and cons of the particular laptop you are planning to buy. Again, do not rely on comments or reviews from one source to make your decision.

You can also ask friends who have used the same brand of laptop that you are planning to buy. This will give you a balanced perspective when it comes to company policy.

Don't buy a laptop blindly

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Logically, buying a new laptop can and should not be by chance, because there is a computer for every situation. Remember, it's your choice and you should have made as few compromises as possible before deciding.

So follow our buying advice, research, compare options and choose a laptop with the features that align with your needs. And when you're ready, buy from a store that offers a real warranty. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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