Airfish 8 is flying by Wigetworks

Airfish 8: A company from Singapore used a German design after World War II to build a high-speed vessel capable of accommodating six to eight passengers. Airfish 8

Airfish 8 is suspended between 0,6cm to 7m above water and captures 193 kilometers per hour.

The wing-in-ground phenomenon is understandable: when an aircraft is closer to the ground, it works much more efficiently than the higher. The additional air pressure under the aircraft gives additional lift while at the same time a corresponding reduction in the drag caused by the lift is achieved.

The Airfish-8 has a length of 17,2 meters and the opening of its delta fins is at 15 meters. The boat is plastic reinforced with carbon fiber to reduce weight. It uses a 8 horsepower V500 engine (373 kW) that runs on regular unleaded fuel.

The range is about 555 km, with 200 maximum speeds per hour.
Airfish-8 can also travel on waves, but that does not mean that it is recommended to take off in bad weather.

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