AirLiveDrive: View your clouds as hard drives

AirLiveDrive lets you attach Google OneDrive and other clouds as local disks to store and upload files easily and quickly.


AirLiveDrive is software that, once installed, will allow you to view your cloud services in File Exprorer as if they were local drives. It supports most cloud services such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Yandex Disk, Mega, Koofr, OneDrive, Mediafire, Box, NextCloud, OpenDrive and many more.

This will allow you to easily upload and download files by simply copying and pasting, as you normally do on local hard drives. It keeps a log of all the files you have uploaded and you can also attach multiple local hard drives to correspond to different cloud storage. The free AirLiveDrive program lets you load up to 3 drives.

There are three types of service, one free and two paid. The free one that we are interested in, after all, is quite good for individual users. You need to install the program, configure it and then it will take care of everything on its own.

AirLiveDrive is one of the best free cloud mounter software you can use to easily have all the cloud storage on your computer in the form of virtual hard disks. It offers fast upload processes and you can use them as your main storage space, as long as you have a decent internet connection.

The best part is that your files will not be lost if the system crashes. Download AirLiveDrive here

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