Alienware: gaming laptops for out-of-the-box virtual reality

H Alienware, completing 20's anniversary as a pioneer in systems PC high performance, further improves their experience Gamers with the announcement of the release - and in Greece - of its first VR-ready laptops. H new series laptops has the family GPUs NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10TV Shows. They also provide graphical level performance desktop for improved possibilities and realistic gameplay. The Alienware uses them for these laptops, its latest engineering achievements, such as the use of new construction materials to improve thermal management for these powerful components, while providing durability and rigidity to award-winning design aesthetics Alienware.Alienware

"The Gaming a renaissance period, imaginative games with amazing analyzes and technologies, plus the amazing experiences VR - it's a catalytic force that looks very much like the one that triggered its start Alienware before 20 years, "he said Frank Azor, general manager of Alienware and XPS, Dell. "These news laptops are a product of this history and approach, but also of their demands and desires Gamers today. We remain faithful to its tradition Alienware and we are proud to offer these laptops to Gamers".

Designed for Gamers

Innovative engineering approach that focuses on their needs Gamers, has always been the reference point Alienware and the secret of success during 20 of its course. The needs for higher analyzes, more realistic gameplay and virtual reality, lead to a search for greater returns Alienware, better design. Intelligent integration of new materials such as anodized aluminum, magnesium alloy, reinforced steel and copper give shape and functionality to this new design.

Adding copper to its unique heat-extraction system improves cooling capabilities for both the processor and the graphics unit. Combined with the new "hinge-forward", o Ventilation is able to increase efficiency, as most heat outputs are directed up and down. The brand new keyboard Alienware TactX, has optimized lighting RGB LED for the keys, but also a full 2,2 typing pathmm with incredible feel, but also enhanced durability thanks to the use of steel.

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The use of aluminum and magnesium alloys improves design quality and stiffness, while the finish prevents fingerprints and exacerbates the harshness cool of these laptops. The new speaker design improves the sound output and includes, internally, smart amplifiers that monitor the sound waves and utilize the thermal airflow to enhance the sound. These key design changes have helped address the outstanding performance of leading subsystems and enable laptops to be even thinner than their predecessors.

Alienware 17

The new Alienware 17 is the ultimate Gaming notebook, emphasizing the size of the screen, its performance Gaming and the immersive, overall experience. This top notebook, is further enhanced by overclocked processors Intel Core i7 k-series and memory DDR4 at speeds up to 2667 MHz. Optional sensor addition is possible IR Tobii with eye tracking technology, offering new handling capabilities, depending on where the user directs his look. Allows Gamers to improve their capabilities with the new application Overwolf, which reproduces the rotation of the look so that players have an image of exactly what they see in the game when they play, and in this way identify their mistakes and next time to focus their attention on the opportunities that they will give the opportunity to crush their opponents.

Η Tobbi collaborates with Alienware to add exclusive features such as enhanced presence detection associated with flagship lighting zones AlienFX. - the entire lighting system LED changes depending on what the user is looking at. Only in her system Alienware her camera Tobii allows the eye to be detected and allows to capture and extract the sequences of sight, in order to improve performance within the game. He can also perceive the player's presence and attachment to various elements of the device by locking it when it is removed. These unique features help optimize power, performance and security.

Alienware 15

The new Alienware 15 balances the need for performance but also for portability, addressed to Gamers both wanting. It squeezes more power into a thinner chassis and comes equipped with graphics options, both from AMD, as well as by NVIDIA, including the impressive, VR-ready NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. It is equipped, as standard, with 15.6 " FHD, IPS Aunt-Glare, maximum brightness 300-nits, while it can be ordered with screen FHD 120Hz and technology NVIDIA G-Sync for extremely smooth and synchronized frame rates or screen type UHD IGZO for level analyzes 4k. Its excellent lithium-ion battery 68 watt-hour it keeps it running for a long time, and can be changed with an even larger capacity 99 watt-h battery for even more autonomy time. 2

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Rich choices Gaming

The graphics amplifier Alienware Graphics Amplify, is designed to launch it mobile devices gameplay at speeds warp, associated with the Alienware laptops. It's convenient in size to fit in a typical backpack, but powerful enough to transform it mobile devices Gaming and give 4K quality and even better.

Ideal additions to the graphics enhancer and generally all its systems Alienware its monitors Dell, which are among the top monitors in the world.

The model Dell S2716DG is a impressive Gaming Monitor 27 inch, with planning edge-to-edge and analysis QHD (2560 × 1440 in 144 Hz), speed response and support of technology NVIDIA® G-Sync ™ technology.
The new
Dell 24 Gaming Monitor (S2417DG) also provides crystal-clear analysis graphics QHD and goes hand in hand with their speed Gamers, since it input lag it is non-existent and its response panel limited to 1 ms, giving the player a decisive competitive edge.
Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor (U3417W), it offers the advantages of convex frame and screens ultra-wide, but it goes one step further, as it offers even more immersive viewing experience. It is the ideal screen for games that benefit from extensive peripheral vision while also providing a cinematic dimension to the sound thanks to the built-in 18 speakersW.


The news Alienware 15 and 17 are also available in the Greek market. More information on portable systems Alienware one can find in

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