All about iPhone 6. Rumors and what you want to know!


Although the iPhone 5 is still fresh on the market, the gossip about the "refreshment" of the device, in the form of the iPhone 5S, or the one regarding the "wider" renewal, in the form of the iPhone 6 is as strong as ever. .


Today's 4-inch Retina display will apparently occupy us with the new iPhone 5S, however it is likely that Apple will introduce a new display for the iPhone 6, so that it can compete with the 5-inch monsters with Full HD claims. resolution (1080p) that will have been established by then.

It is said that Apple in the new iPhone 6, will install a screen with a diagonal of 4,8 inches Retina + technology IGZO, made by Sharp, which will be significantly thinner in construction, much brighter and sharper than today's screens. In fact, it is said that it will be even sharper than the 5-inch 1080p screens we see and will see in many high-end smartphones, at this year's CES exhibition and at the MWC. Sharp is already working on the Super HD screen of the iPhone 6, but because the technology is so advanced, it is unlikely to be seen on the iPhone 5S. The company will present it with the iPhone 6 while it is rumored that the next version of the iPad (and maybe the iPad Mini) will bring a screen with a similar technology.


The iPhone 6 is 99,9% sure that it will make use of the new version of iOS 7. 6.1. Already several application developers have already found in "logs" traces of a device called iPhone 7 as well as "traces" related to iOS XNUMX. Of course, we can expect beyond several new functions and features and the new edition of the Company Maps, which will be presented without the problems of the past.


Today, the iPhone 5 incorporates a very fast but at the same time low-consumption A6 processor, while the iPhone 5S is most likely to bring a refresh of this SoC, with a much higher operating frequency that will make a difference and at the same time ensure the margins in the company. , to introduce a significantly renewed iPhone 6 with the addition of a new chip.

The latter will incorporate the Apple A7 SoC (it will be built by either TSMC or Unimicron, we are not sure yet) and will most likely have four cores of ARM architecture. An element that is also expected to appear in the iPhone 6, is the Sonar technology, which will replace the current infrared sensors!

The same technology will allow the cellphone to "understand" when the user has brought it next to his ear while it is almost certain that the technology will bring other new original features.

Date of release

One rumor, however, that based on the company's practices does not seem to have much;… basis is that Apple is looking for a way to lead the developments once again and re-introduce the so-called "wow" factor. So it is very likely this year to announce not one, but two devices!

The iPhone 5S will be launched as a more economical proposal - some analysts even claim that it will be released in different colors - and maybe at the same time, or a few months later - but within the year - it is very likely to announce the iPhone 6, so that it comes soon confrontation with the 5th version of the Samsung Galaxy S. Rumors, rumors…

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